About the program

The Sourcery for Juniors program covers three tracks: front-end development, full stack development, and testing. Third year students of a Bachelors degree must apply to an admissions test for a chance to participate in one of the most rigorous programs offered in Lithuania. Top scoring candidates will go through an interview process and limited number of spots will be awarded for each semester. The smartest and hardest working candidates have an opportunity to join the ranks of engineers at [Devbridge](http://www.devbridge.com). Over 80% of graduates find employment in the tech sector after graduating.

Sourcery for Developers lecture
Robertas Petrokas

The Sourcery Academy was an amazing experience. It helped me to unleash my programming potential. I learned a lot of new skills and technologies and I felt very motivated by the collaborative environment. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their programming skills

Robertas Petrokas, Sourcery for Developers alumnas