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Sourcery Academy for Kids is the first and only free-to-attend academy in Lithuania that teaches creative technologies to kids ages 7 to 12. The mission of the Academy is to introduce computer literacy to all children, especially in remote areas and to children experiencing social exclusion. The children will study key aspects of programming, from logical concepts and functions, to variables, sequences, coordinates, and movement for the entire academic year. Additionally, the program teaches how to apply programming in practical projects.

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First day of the new school year at Sourcery academy.

'Sourcery for Kids' was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing computer literacy to all children already in primary schools, especially those in remote or economically underprivileged areas. Lithuania has access to great technology talent, however, the current focus of primary educational programs does not reflect necessary investment.

In addition to literacy, emphasis is made on encouraging girls to explore technology, with hopes that long term outdated stereotypes are eliminated and an equal number of women and men enter the computer science field.

For the entire academic year, the enrolled children ages 7 to 12 study key aspects of programming and learn creative technologies. Sessions are held all year round on Saturdays. Kids break out into small groups of 7 to 9, each group learning for 2 hours with support of a dedicated mentor with a technology background.

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Pupils at Sourcery for Kids academy are taught using a non-formal education program (NSP) accredited by our partners bit&Byte. This educational program helps in taking first steps in programming as well as encourages creativity, curiosity and other significant skills that play a critical role in so-called "future" professions.

Children learn creative technologies for free in order to discover the coding world. Kids study key aspects of programming and creative learning, learn new instruments, develop their logical as well as creative thinking. Children have the ability to combine different technologies in order to use gained skills needed to succeed in the tech industries such as design, electronics, 3D, animation, virtual reality (VR), game development and software development.

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„Sourcery for Kids“ opened its doors in September of 2017 when it welcomed first 200 children to a free-to-attend academy in Kaunas and Sakiai with an investment of 50,000 euros.

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In March 2018, the Academy doubled in size and expanded to the regions with the Kazickų Šeimos Fondui joining the initiative. Thanks to the partnership and investment of 50,000 euros, 416 Sourcery for Kids is currently providing free education to as many as 416 children in 5 towns (Kaunas, Sakiai, Raseiniai, Plunge and Klaipeda) are learning programming for free.

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Last March, the Academy invited 100 more children and expanded into the regions, with the Devbridge investment of 80,000 euros in total. 'Sourcery for Kids' currently provides free technology training to 516 kids. Devbridge has been able to grow the program to 516 pupils and expand the offer to children in 7 different cities across Lithuania: Kaunas, Sakiai, Raseiniai, Plunge, Klaipeda, Alytus and Pasvalys.

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The president of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaite added the 'Sourcery for Kids' academy to her nation-wide social campaign, 'For a Safe Lithuania,' which aims to reduce violence and provide assistance to families at social risk. Last year the Academy also accepted the award for Order for Merits to Lithuania in recognition of the company's great work accomplished through their "Sourcery For Kids" academy.

Devbridge, a Cognizant company
Strategic planning of the ‘Sourcery for Kids’ project is in the hands of Devbridge, a Cognizant company, until the company supports this initiative financially. Responsibilities: • Owning the mission of the project • Funding the project • Strategic planning • Promoting the mission of the project
NGO Kodo Akademija
Mediating between support giver and receiver in order to operate smooth project implementation in terms of legal regulations and signed agreement among Devbridge, a Cognizant company, and bit&Byte organization. Responsibilities: • Funding allocation in terms of legal regulations • Reporting annual performance publicly • Supervising bit&Byte services • Collaborating with third parties regarding funding raise
bi&Byte is implementing the project (daily tasks regarding the content, communication with mentors and parents, and conducting the lessons for kids). Responsibilities: • Providing operational services • Creating and updating the content • Developing and managing academy process • Organizing and motivating an academy mentors • Communicating and coordinating regions • Communicating with parents • Supervising administrative staff • Reporting to Devbridge, a Cognizant company about the project
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„Sourcery Academy“ administruojama „Cognizant“.