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Christopher Wilkinson

Unlock the business value of design thinking

Design focuses potential opportunities into tangible results. As Director of Product Design, Chris uses his background in humanities to generate real change through intentional application of design in software delivery.

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Christopher Wilkinson


Director of Product Design

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Chris Wilkinson is the Director of Product Design at Devbridge, developing and supporting the global practice based out of Chicago. He brings years of delivery experience to his work, with clients ranging from Global 2000 to early-stage startups. Bringing his background in humanities to design, Chris knows the importance of making design tangible and measurable in the results it produces. He’s seen the power of design impact every area of the business, from streamlining operations to designing efficient and effective workflows for complex problem spaces.

He is active in community building around design at all levels, from upskilling new designers to creating forums for design leaders to tackle the day-to-day challenges of software delivery. Chris also is a regular writer, contributing to original white papers on topics related to design and as a guest columnist for industry publications. He’s a regular speaker and workshop facilitator for Fortune 500 companies and at conferences, helping design meet the goals and needs of the modern business landscape.

“Design enables the business to break down and solve complex problems. The path to greatest value is found through data-informed decision making, guided by research and systems-level design thinking.”

Chris Wilkinson

Director of Product Design, Devbridge

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