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“Great ideas are worthless until someone has the audacity to follow through with execution.”—Unknown

Our clients understand their business better than anyone else. We know how to build software. It is our objective is to use best practices from a product-centric methodology and make sure we help out clients validate their ideas and then deliver them to market faster. In other words, ship the right software to market quickly and on budget. By listening to our clients and their customers, using short iterations during our build phase, we will be able to pivot and change the product to match the customer needs and accelerate business value generated while controlling the spend.

The early stages of our engagements start with workshops and prototypes of the products the clients want to build. These prototypes get tested and validated, and then mature into iterative delivery of a product.

Build process map
Build process map

Because of our Lean Requirements workshops, we’re able to validate or discard ideas with minimal investment. The phase starts with the team setting goals, establishing user roles for the product, and hosting a collaborative workshop with the stakeholders and the product team to define risks, user journeys, and user stories for the product (the story map).

Build, measure, learn loop
Build, measure, learn loop

The process is based on ideas that have been around for a while—the “build, measure, learn” loop. The implementation combines three practices: product management, software engineering, and product design.

Venn diagram of product team practice areas: Design, management, engineering circles
Product team practice areas: Design, product management, engineering

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Aurimas Adomavicius is the president and co-founder of Devbridge. When not in the trenches working with clients, Aurimas is an active speaker and writer on product design and engineering best practices.

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