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I am obviously biased, but I feel in my bones that we’ve built something special. For us, the people on the journey matter. They are the lifeline behind our values. Values are more than just words; they are embedded in our community. Sure, we’ve experienced rapid growth, but on a more personal level, this is the place, and these are the people I want to spend my time with, doing what I love—good work. Consider for a moment the environment you need to be in to do your best work; consider the people that will push you to be better. For us all to be successful and happy, we should share an understanding of what Devbridge is and what you can expect working here. Here’s how I hope you see Devbridge as you share this journey with us:

  • A place to do great work. Be it a meaningful project for a client, helping kids learn to code through our Sourcery Academy, or anything in between—if you’re not doing good work, why do it at all?
  • A place where you can take ownership. We recruit people who are determined to create their own destinies. Ownership as a concept means that each outcome is the result of our own decisions and actions. This applies to the work we do and our professional growth. The unique balance of leadership, autonomy, and empowerment is why our company continues to be successful at scale.
  • A place to surround yourself with other great people. The most successful practitioners want to be surrounded by individuals who are leaders in their disciplines and who are . . . well, just kind and fun people to work with. Do you need praise for the work you do, or would you benefit from someone inspiring you to level up?
  • A place to solve real problems. We seek complexity and challenge—which for us is fun. Difficulty helps us be the best versions of ourselves while solving real-world challenges that improve the day-to-day experience of our clients and their customers.

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