Host a daily standup

The daily standup is a workflow management ritual that should cover three topics:

  • Is anyone on the team blocked?
  • Is anyone on the team off track?
  • What can we do as a group to help?

The standup is not a check-in meeting where everyone rambles through a status update. The standup is also one of the most flexible rituals in the Devbridge framework, especially in terms of scheduling.

A standup should not micromanage each contributor, it should empower them to deliver on their commitments within the sprint.

The following describes some of the variability found in its execution:

  • Not all teams practice it daily. Some mature teams do two standups per week, which reduces overhead and does not increase risk. Newer teams may want to run them daily until confidence increases.
  • Attendance is subjective. Teams may run an engineering standup and then have the product manager and the engineering team lead reconnect when their working hours overlap. The rest of the team does not join the second session.
  • The need to walk through the Jira board varies by team. Walking the active sprint Jira board is a good exercise to keep everyone on the same page, especially when there are blockers and risks. However, not all teams do this daily.
  • There is no prescribed duration. Standup can take five minutes or thirty minutes.

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